Duties of Officers
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Duties of Officers


Vice President


Recording Secretary 

Corresponding Secretary

       President - shall have the usual executive powers of supervision and management of the Atlanta Chapter including but not limited to:

    1. Serve as chairperson of the Executive Board.
    2. Preside at all meetings of the Atlanta Chapter.
    3. Present for consideration, proposed budget and policies and programs for the chapter.
    4. Shall be the official medium of communication between Hampton University, its Office of Alumni Affairs, and the Regional President.
    5. Appoint the chairperson and members of all standing/special committees.
    6. Call special meetings when deemed urgently necessary.
    7. Represent the Chapter with other societies at public meetings, NHAA, Inc. Biennial Convention and Southeast Regional Executive Board meetings and Conferences or designate an alternate representative.
    8. Shall provide an annual report to NHAA, Inc. Executive Board at the annual meeting held in January at Hampton University and wherever else deemed necessary.
    9. Shall prepare agenda for general body and executive board meetings.
    10. Work with the Treasurer to complete the Year-End Financial Report to submit to Alumni Affairs Office and the University’s designated Auditor by designated date.

Vice President – shall perform the duties of the President in all cases in which the President is unable to serve.  He/She shall serve as alternate to the President and the President or Executive Board may delegate such matters to him/her.  He/She may serve as a member of any committee, except the Nomination Committee.  He/She shall assist with administrative activities of the Atlanta Chapter, and be the Chair of the Membership and Reclamation Committee.

Treasurer – shall serve on the Budget Committee and keep an update of resources, receipts, and disbursements of all Atlanta Chapter funds.  Shall provide a written financial report at all general body and executive board meetings.  Also responsible for completing the IRS Year-End Financial Report to submit to the Office of Alumni Affairs.

Recording Secretary – shall record and distribute the minutes of the Atlanta Chapter’s general body and executive board meetings and serve as Secretary of the Chapter. The Recording Secretary will also be responsible for providing the President with copies of all Executive Board and General Body meetings so they can be submitted with the end of year report to the Office of Alumni Affairs.


Corresponding Secretary – shall be responsible for preparing and distributing all correspondence for business undertaken by the Chapter.  Also, shall check the P.O. Box for correspondence and distribute to appropriate individuals.


Duties of all Officers – shall include the following:

  1. Attend chapter/executive board meeting unless there is an excused absence.
  2. Remain a member in good (financial) standing of the chapter/region.
  3. Provide written report to the Chapter President identifying accomplishments for the year and where deemed necessary.

Note 1: The other duties of all officers shall be those customarily performed by such officers, except as herein otherwise provided.